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Madison County Cycle Club.

It has been my pleasure to have been the President of the Madison County Cycle Club in 2008.


Everyone has something they put their heart into. Mine is the bicycle. I enjoy the technical riding of the mountain bike and the speed on a road bike, but the best for me is when I am on my touring bike. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you are traveling self contained on the open road.


A bicycle is not very intimidating and people in your travels are excited to share their stories and love hearing about ours as well.


Regardless of which bike you ride, thanks for stopping and sharing with me. Visit my web site.


Mississippi River Ride, Oct. 2007

Root River Trail, Oct. 2008

Wabash Trace Ride, Oct 2007

Wabash Trace Ride, Oct 2008

Great Western Trail, Flood of 2008

Texas Ride 2008-09

Fermilab & Canal Ride 2010


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Mississippi River Ride 2007

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2008 Rides Overview

Texas Ride

Fermilab & Canal Ride 2010

Wabash Ride

Space Shuttle Ride

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