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Beginning alone the Mississippi River

Greetings. I am Rich Mills. I have an opportunity to ride my bicycle on a long ride down the Mississippi River Trail with a goal of hitting New Orleans. It was my1st attempt at touring self contained long distant. I tried to do 50 miles per day but soon found that is a bad way to measure a ride. I soon gave that up that idea and concentrated on the people I meet along the way and the things I observed in nature.

I did not make it to New Orleans. Near the TN. boarder, a grain truck running to the barge skidded a double wheel off my saddle bag. Did not hurt me but sure got my attention.

I turned back North and got on the KATY Trail and rode across MO.

Here are some pictures and some observations I had during the ride.


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Rassussen's Bike Shop

Two Guys Bike Shop

Iowa Heritage Foundation

Mississippi River Trails Assoc.

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